Phil Fisher, Sculptor

Phil Fisher, a journeyman pipe welder, has been creating steel sculptures for over twenty years. It began when his children saw some bells for sale and told him, "Dad, you can do better than that!" Even today, much of his work shows a sense of whimsey and child-like play, often using whatever steel is at hand as his raw material. Many of his bells and other sculptures, for example, are cut from oxygen bottles.

Recently Phil has begun creating work of elegant beauty, such as his garden gates, arbors, and indoor furniture. That doesn't mean he has left his sense of humor behind. A garden gate may display a lyrical and lovely interplay of leaves but, when you look closely, you see some steel-hungry insect has bitten into one of the leaves.

If you would like to see Phil's work in person, give him a call at (302) 475-2398 and he will arrange a visit to his private gallery. Arden is near the border of Delaware and Pennsylvania, where it meets the Delaware River.

Phil is one of many artists living in Arden, Delaware, a utopian community founded over a hundred years ago on the Single-Tax economic philosophy of Henry George. Click here to see the websites of other artists in Arden, Delaware.

Photo by Joan Zylkin



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